These cozy activities will keep you entertained for hours!

Do you often wonder what to do when you’re bored? Instead of watching TV (again), try one of these 19 mega cozy activities that are sure to keep you entertained for hours. Get inspired below.

1. Immerse yourself

Who was the kind of person who read the newspaper… Or a big book… But you can do it! Buy a quality newspaper once a week or pick up a good book and sit with it after dinner instead of randomly clicking through streaming services.

2. Write a letter to a loved one

Do you have a guilty conscience in the form of a grandmother, cousin or classmate you can’t keep in touch with? Write them a letter. This usually takes less time than a phone call and is much more likely to please the recipient. Perhaps you will even receive a letter in return?

3. Shop wisely (!) online

Set a budget for your purchases and make a list of the things you really need. Shop around your favourite online shops and keep tabs open with your potential purchases. Close them as you exclude purchases and order only your favourite items – within your budget, of course. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

4. Watch a successful film

You’ve seen a lot of bad movies in your life! But have you seen the best films? If not, you’ll have to start at the beginning., probably the most famous website for movie lovers, has a top 250 list of the best movies rated by users. It’s a great source of inspiration the next time you want to spend an evening watching quality movies instead of flipping through the channels.

5. Organise your memories

In the old days, when photos were bought by the 24 at the photo shop, they were stored in folders on your shelf. Nowadays, your holiday photos, drunken photos and documentation of your mother’s birthday are piled up on your phone or computer. Do something about it!

File them away and create an online photo book with all the best photos from the past year. It’s actually a lot of fun to play with layouts and formats – and you’ll be SO happy when your book arrives in the mail.

6. Vinegar Jam

Homemade jam… phew, that sounds difficult. But it’s not! If you don’t believe us, check out a recipe online and you’ll see how easy it is. By the end of the evening, you’ll have delicious jam for your next brunch with friends – or for the world’s most lavish hostess gift!

7. Go back to school

When you were a child, going to school was very embarrassing because you couldn’t decide what you wanted to learn. But now you can! If you dream of becoming a master of cream puffs, Spanish language, ceramic cups, pasta, guitar, tango or literature, there is certainly an evening class ready to provide you with the teacher and the space.

8. Plan a party for later in the year

Short on cash to throw a party? Then throw your own fabulous party! Of course, you’ll need to invite other people, which is half the fun(oh, the power!). Choose a day, maybe a theme, and send an invitation to all your friends or just your best friends. Sit back and watch the entries pour in while you plan what to wear…

9. Watching TV on purpose

Zapping is fine if you’re the kind of person who still has a TV package with channels, but it’s even better to watch quality TV from the moment you sit down on the couch until you get up to (reluctantly) go to bed. Go for a quality TV series. Agree with yourself on how many episodes you can watch, otherwise you may arrive at brunch, work or any other time of the day a little tired.

10. Bake a cake

The way to your colleague’s heart is undoubtedly through the stomach – and more specifically the cake-hungry part. If you have an hour – or even eggs or ripe bananas – to spare, bake a cake to take to a family gathering or to work. This will put you in the running for employee of the month or even employee of the year, depending on your baking skills.

11. Recharge your batteries

It’s nice to relax, but not necessarily in front of the TV. Put on some soft music and lie down on your back. Do some stretching exercises or spend half an hour feeling your body from toes to fingers.

12. Walk to be happy

When was the last time you went for a walk and didn’t need to go anywhere in particular? It’s a real de-stresser, and the fresh air will raise your cheeks and give you energy – get moving!

13. Make time for self-love

When was the last time you got something – from yourself? And we’re not talking about the urge to get it over with. Set the mood with music, candles, a naughty book, chocolate – whatever suits you.

Experiment with new ways of touching yourself and new ways (you’ve already tried the shower). Try to stop just before you reach orgasm and build up to it several times. The better you get and the more you get to know yourself, the easier it will be to achieve the same success with a partner in bed.

14. Learn to knit

You’d like a scarf in bright yellow, bottle green and purple, but this colour combination is – surprisingly – not in fashion this year. But you can knit it yourself! If you don’t know how to do it, find a tutorial online or ask for help in your local knitting shop. The shop assistants are experts and are only too happy to help new knitters get started. As well as the dream scarf, knitting is a great stress reliever that you can combine with a podcast or audio book. You can also find inspiration from some of the many knitters’ profiles on Instagram.

15. Look for delicious recipes

What are you going to eat tonight? This question can be a pain in the ass – but it can also be fun if you have a lot of time. Search for delicious recipes online, make a meal plan for the next few weeks and make a shopping list. You can also compile the recipes in a booklet for those days when the most inspiring idea is a frozen pizza.

16. Keep yourself up to date

When was the last time you updated your dating profile? Or LinkedIn? It’s worth investing time in your future, whether it’s a job or the love you’re looking for. You can update your dating profile to keep it looking great. How about searching for happiness yourself by writing to the person of your choice or by sending a job application?

17. Do-it-yourself projects

Homemade trinkets are so pretty! And they make you feel so creative. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make everything up yourself – for example, find help on Instagram by searching the hashtag “DIY”. Have fun!

18. Create calm in the wardrobe

Have you ever wondered why the new items in the shop are always the most tempting? They just hang better! The same principle applies to your wardrobe, so spend an evening tidying it up. Take one shelf at a time and divide the items into “keep” and “throw away”, then put the “keep” ones away. The rest will be recycled.

19. Have fun with different games

Maybe you’re a fan of puzzles and have a whole pile of them at home that you like to use when you need a break from the screen. Or maybe you’re a Sudoku and crossword fan ? They’re also available online, so you don’t have to steal your grandfather’s magazines.